The National Standing Committee (NSC) of NAPTOSA met on 2 and 3 September 2019 in Pretoria. The following issues are highlighted:

Violence rocking the country

Members of the NSC took cognisance of the violence that had erupted in parts of Gauteng, and the associated looting and arson of shops. The Committee condemned the situation, believing that it will only further drag South Africa into the economic quagmire. The NSC called for responsible citizenry and for government to firmly and speedily bring the situation under control.
Whilst acknowledging that the President was abroad when some of these things started, his initial silence and low key visibility was questioned by the NSC, requesting the President to show leadership by commanding the situation.

Gender-Based Violence

spate of gender-based murder incidents that rocked our country at the same time, were also strongly denounced by the NSC who offered its condolences to the families involved. It has cast renewed focus on the importance of NAPTOSA’s own School Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) programme and the need for the programme to be built up and expanded further.

Meeting with Minister

The NSC acknowledged the positive meeting that leaders of NAPTOSA recently held with the Minister of Basic Education. The Minister’s willingness to withdraw the Standards for Principalship, which conflicted with the core duties and responsibilities of Principals as contained in the Personnel Administrative Measures, was applauded. Also the fact that the matter will be referred to the ELRC for further deliberation.

Educator salary scale

The NSC noted the new salary scale for educators to be published by the Department of Basic Education. Whilst it did not affect the implementation, for the first time, of pay progression of 1,5% (with effect from 1 July 2019), the complicated and elaborate nature of the scale, with 0,5% notch intervals and notches in excess of 430, was questioned. NAPTOSA sees no reason for this and will engage on the matter in the ELRC in an attempt to return to a simplified and more understandable salary scale.

New elected leaders

Lastly, the NSC welcomed newly elected leaders from provinces where elective provincial conferences have already been held. Once all provincial conferences and the National Congress have been concluded, the NAPTOSA leadership for the next three years will be appropriately welcomed.