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Please note that this form includes your Funeral Beneficiary nomination and by signing the form you declare that you understand that this beneficiary nomination cancels all previous nominations, if any, that you have made with respect to the NAPTOSA Funeral Scheme payable by Momentum.

I hereby nominate the following person as the beneficiary of my NAPTOSA Funeral benefit in the event of my death: (NOTE: The Funeral Benefit will be paid into your estate if we do not have a valid Beneficiary Nomination form)
In the event that the main beneficiary nominated above has passed away before the effective date of my death, they will be excluded from receiving the portion he/she was nominated to receive, and the following nominated beneficiary will receive any benefits payable:
If your circumstances change, for example you get married or divorced or have a child or a nominated beneficiary dies, and you want to change your beneficiary, you must complete a new nomination form.
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I, the afore-mentioned, and undersigned, hereby authorise you to deduct monthly from my salary my subscription due to the National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa (NAPTOSA) R111.40 per month or such subscription as is determined from time to time by NAPTOSA and pay it to NAPTOSA [PERSAL Table 139 Code 026]. I understand that any correspondence in connection with this stop order must be directed to NAPTOSA.
By ticking this electronic form, I confirm that the information provided is true and correct. I also agree to the Terms and Conditions of NAPTOSA and agree that my submission adheres to the South African Common Law and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (Act no. 25 of 2022)(“ECTA”), with regards to my electronic consent to this agreement.
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