GAUTENG Vacancy list 2014:  therapist posts

 By now schools should have received the Vacancy Circular and Vacancy List for Promotion posts and senior/therapist posts at public ordinary schools and public special schools.  Therapists should please note that their new OSD dispensation is not reflected in the Vacancy List and Circular.

 Therapists posts are not categorised in post levels anymore (we believe most therapists are aware of this).  Posts advertised in the Vacancy List as post level 1 posts should have been advertised as Education Therapists’ posts (no reference to post level).  The minimum starting salary for an Education Therapist is R211902.  This is not mentioned in the Vacancy Circular.

Promotion posts should have been advertised as Chief Education Therapist (school-based) posts and not post level 2 posts.  The Vacancy Circular does not refer to the minimum and maximum salary for Chief Education Therapists.  The assumption may have been made that the starting salary is the same as that of a departmental head’s (R232803).  However, please note that the minimum starting salary for a Chief Education Therapist is R312084.

 NAPTOSA brought this issue to the attention of GDE and an Errata Circular should be issued soon.



 Since July 2013 NAPTOSA has been submitting salary queries on behalf of therapist members to GDE.  These queries (97 in total) vary from overpayments, incorrect salaries and job titles to outstanding salary progression.  At a technical task team meeting held on Tuesday, 21 January 2014, GDE indicated that they had submitted mandates to Provincial Treasury for most of the NAPTOSA queries.  Treasury has to approve the expenditure before GDE can implement any salary adjustment. 

 NAPTOSA is also preparing a summary of all the cases we have submitted.   We undertook to submit the summary to GDE by the end of next week.  A copy of the summary will be made available to members as well. 


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 CTU: ATU (NAPTOSA, SAOU and PEU) met with GDE today to discuss the challenges with regard to the OSD translation.  NAPTOSA has several concerns:


1.   We were provided with a list of names of psychologists/counsellors who qualify for OSD.  GDE indicated that there were approximately 100 psychologists, but they were only able to provide us with the names of 68 persons.  We immediately noticed that the names of most of the psychologists located at schools were not on the list.

     NAPTOSA members who are psychologists/counsellors/office-based therapists are requested to complete the form below and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. without delay. Another meeting has been scheduled for 29 January and we have to table the names of psychologists etc omitted from GDE’s list. 

2.  We also questioned the list of employees who apparently “owe” GDE money.  The NAPTOSA office will contact the members on the list and will verify the salary situation of each member.  This matter will also be discussed on 29 January.

 3.   In view of the many mistakes made when therapists’ salaries were translated, NAPTOSA proposed that the union be given the opportunity to verify that the translations have been done correctly before implementation.

 4.   GDE indicated that they had submitted a mandate to Provincial Treasury for approval for the OSD translation.  Treasury has not responded yet.  We are specifically concerned about the possibility that the calculations do not include all the psychologists and counsellors.

 5.    NAPTOSA members who want the union to verify that their names are on the list and to monitor the translation process, are requested to complete the form below and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible!  NAPTOSA members only.

 Please note the above is NOT applicable to psychologists/counsellors appointed in school-based post level 1 and 2 therapist posts.



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