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Demystifying Assessment in schools


Good assessment practices are an important process towards achieving effective learning. Assessing learners enables teachers to gauge learners’ level of understanding of curriculum content and serve as a guide on which steps for the teacher to follow next; to move on to the next topic or take remedial actions.
Over the past years, assessment had been reduced to an activity that largely fulfils policy with emphasis exerted on recording and reporting in comparison with assessment that promotes and supports learning.
The DBE and National Education Collaboration Trust in collaboration with NAPTOSA have embarked on a project to change assessment practices in schools. The training module is rightfully titled: Demystifying Assessment.
The assessment project is operating in Bohlabela. It had a great kick-start with the training of the trainers comprising; Foundation Phase Subject Advisers, Intermediate and Senior Phase EFAL Subject Advisers and all Bohlabela Curriculum Coaches on 12-14 September.
The training of the teachers will focus on EFAL in the Intermediate Phase, that is, grades 4-6 in three circuits: Casteel, Cottondale and Maviljan. 122 teachers are expected to be trained on the 21st and 22nd of September from these circuits.

The training will focus on why the educators should assess learners, what teachers ought to assess on, how they should assess and as to when assessments should be conducted. This intervention on assessment is aligned to the current learning programs and the DBE’s quest to improve teaching practices. It will go a long way in improving learning outcomes.
Demystifying assessment practices in schools had been a long-awaited intervention and the DBE/NECT/NAPTOSA partnership has taken up this exciting challenge to shift assessment processes in the right direction.





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