NAPTOSA has NOT called on its members to join the planned National stay away on Wednesday 24 August 2022.

FEDUSA, and NAPTOSA as a member organization, have Not supported the call for a stay away, nor notified NEDLAC in terms of section 77 of the LRA of any intention to embark on protest action. While we agree that government should do more to create a buffer to assist the poor and needy against run-away commodity prices, we have difficulty with the chosen strategy to achieve that.

This is a protected strike for some Federations, meaning that their members are protected against victimization for participating. It is however done knowing that the principle of No-Work-No-Pay will apply. As a non- participant, NAPTOSA members don’t enjoy the ‘protection’ but will also be subjected to the No-Work-No -Pay rule if they absent themselves.

NAPTOSA members MUST report to work.

You are NOT obliged to supervise any person’s class who is on strike (that defeats the purpose of the strike). Should your school be closed for the day, your principal MUST have arranged for you to show your attendance. If this has not been done, report to the closest departmental office to declare yourself on duty.

This Stay-Away has nothing to do with our deadlock declaration around salaries in the PSCBC.

Mr BL Manuel Executive Director