The 2022/23 financial year salary negotiations have concluded. The employer tabled the following final offer: A salary increase for levels 1 – 12 employees in the Public Service, which includes the Non pensionable cash allowance, amounting to R1 000-00 (after tax), as well as a 3% Pensionable salary adjustment (COLA) across the board. (Refer to NNF 21 of 2022).

The 1.5% Pay progression (Due in July) has not been implemented as yet, due to the delay of the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) agreement. The one will follow the other.

Based on the above proposal, NAPTOSA surveyed its members for a mandate to either accept or reject the offer. The response rate was very low, with less than 6% of the members participating, and some questioning why they were expected to complete another survey.

The survey results were as follows:
Most respondents were from the Gauteng Province:

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A large majority (65.5%) chose to accept the Employer’s offer:



Draft Salary Scales

NAPTOSA will release the Draft Salary Scales as soon as there are sufficient signatures on the Proposed Agreement. It is important to note that the General Public Servants scales have notch intervals of 1,5 % whereas educator scales are in notches of 0,5%.

Thank you to all who took time out to have their voices heard. The results are a true reflection of the data received from the members who participated in the survey.

Mr BL Manuel Executive Director