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Online Application Form [Prototype]

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NAPTOSA Online Application Form

NAPTOSA Online Application Form

Congratulations on making the right choice to apply for membership with NAPTOSA.
Please select an option below to start your application process, or to continue with the hard-copy version.


Please Note the Terms and Conditions below:

Membership subscriptions shall be R90,40 (ninety rand and forty cents) per member per month. The provisions of section 13(3) of the Labour Relations Act, 1995, shall apply in respect of the termination of membership of the union, namely-

  • three (3) months’ written notice to the union and the employer if the member works in the public service, and
  • one (1) month’s written notice to the union and the employer if the member does not work in the public service.

Where a member's subscriptions are in arrears, the member shall have three calendar months in which to pay the arrears, failing which membership shall be terminated by the Union.

In addition to the membership subscription a member shall also be liable for the payment in the same manner of such other fees as may be prescribed in terms of this Constitution or may be paid by the Union as a levy towards membership by the Union of a federation or any other organisation agreed to by the National Executive Committee.

A member shall be exempt from the payment of the aforesaid membership subscription in respect of any period during which the person is on unpaid leave for thirty or more days up to a maximum of six continuous months.

An Associate of the Union is any person who may or may not be eligible for membership and who is not currently a member, but who has applied to the Chief Executive Officer of a Province for admission as an associate as provided for below.

Persons who have retired or resigned from education and who have previously been members of the Union shall be eligible, on application, to become associates of the Union.

Students who are in the final year of a recognised initial teaching qualification shall be eligible to become associates of the Union.

An associate:

  • shall not be entitled to vote or hold elected office;
  • shall pay such fees as determined from time to time by the National Executive Committee; and
  • shall receive such publications of the Union and other benefits as decided by the National Executive Committee.