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Commercial benefits

NAPTOSA provides a number of commercial benefits available exclusively to members. 

These include:

A Funeral Grant for all members of R10 000 (member only) available on the death of a member. This is an automatic cover and is part of a member’s monthly subscription
[ “NAPTOSA Funeral Benefit”]

Voluntary group life insurance, Funeral Schemes and other schemes through Old Mutual and Metropolitan specially negotiated for members and their extended families.

DealersOnline offers a 40% discount to members of NAPTOSA who wishes to use their services to sell their vehicle. DealersOnline will expose your vehicle to 3000 motor dealers, save you time and ensure a safe transaction [DealersOnline]

Medical Gap Cover provides cover for amounts charged in excess of the National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL). Competitive rates are available to NAPTOSA members through MEMP Financial Services [more info]

Howler Monkey offers you Mobile Panic button, HIV Prevention Plan & 24/7 Emergency Medical advice. Guardian4 notifies 8 emergency contacts that you are in trouble with the push of a button of your phone. [more info

A deal with Honda South Africa with a discount on all Honda vehicles
pdf February 2017 Pricing (32 KB) ]

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