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Increase of medical subsidy for GEMS members

The employer has announced the increase of the medical subsidy for GEMS members with effect from 1 January 2016. The increase is 9% on average. The actual amounts are as follows:

Member profile

1 January 2015

    Monthly Employer Subsidy 

1 January 2016

Monthly Employer Subsidy

Single Principal member R925.00 R1008.00
Principal member +one dependent R1850.00 R2017.00
Principal member + two dependents R2415.00 R2633.00
Principal member + three dependents R2980.00 R3249.00
Principal member + four dependents R3545.00 R3865.00



Members should note that the increase is still subject to the provision that the employer's subsidy is limited to 75% of an employee's membership fees to a maximum of the amounts indicated above.

The subsidy will be backdated to 1 January 2016, but affected members will probably only see the increase and back pay reflected in their March 2016 salaries, at the earliest.

The subsidy for Employees who are members of open scheme remain at a maximum of R1014 p.m.




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